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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miss Marple and me

I did some research about towns outside of Melbourne and some reviews seemed to point at Sassafras, around the Dandenong range. This is a town where Miss Marple Tea Room is. I researched about Miss Marple Tea Room before but cross it off the list because I thought we won't have enough time anyway. Imagine my delight when turned out we stumbled on it.

So there is only one option where to have our lunch. The queue was horrifyingly long though. Lucky, there was only 2 of us because some people with 4 or more would have to wait for 2 hours to get a seat. We waited an hour and we spent it next door at Tea Leaves. A quaint little shop selling teaware (I almost went mad here), tea leaves and coffee beans.

I ended up with 2 packs to tea. One called Japanese Morning Dew with this beautiful smell and Buddha's Tears (rolled white tea) for Mr E's parents. We also grabbed some Dutch Chocolate Coffee, grinded on special.

We came back, waited for another 15 minutes and our names were called. WOOT! Our order was taken by cute waitresses in their maid outfit. The room's atmosphere was so nice and cozy. Smiles were everywhere.

Quick snippet if you don't know who Miss Marple is. She's an old biddy crime-solving spinster by Agatha Christie. While I love some of Miss Marple's books, my one and true love is the famous Hercule Poirot and his grey cells. Christie is my favourite detective writer of all time.

We were seated under the big photo of Miss Marple. I think this one was played by Margaret Rutherford. I personally never seen her in Miss Marple movies. Although there is so many actresses played Miss Marple, I think my favourite one would be Joan Hickson. She is probably the closest Miss Marple to my imagination. Anyway, back to the food....

The place was packed!

We started with Lime and Cola Spiders. Delicious!

Yummy Cottage Pie! I don't normally like pie but I can vouch for this one. It tasted good and comforting.

Extra side of salad. Oh and the garlic bread at the back.

Of course, it's not complete without tasting the famous Miss Marple Tea Room scones.

It was big, fluffy and beautiful!

With Raspberry jam and cream but no butter. I loved the Raspberry jam so much, I almost bought a jar. If only I didn't already have stuffs to carry :(

I think Miss Marple Tea Room is a cute experience. I would urge people travelling Victoria to come to Sassfras because it was so pretty. I actually reminded me of my favourite town, Montville in Queensland.


Also, if you're going on public holiday or weekend, just brace yourself because they don't have a booking system. It's first come first serve basis and the wait can go up to 2.5 hours. I heard that while I was there. O_o

Miss Marple Tea Room
382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road

Do you know Agatha Christie?

Riini, over and out!

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