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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Riini and Noodle Kingdom

While walking down the Chinatown, a vision stopped me.

It was a man, making noodle behind a window, putting it in boiling pot, transferring it to a bowl and pressed the service bell. Oh my god!! I love handmade noodles. We have to try this place.

I ordered the beef brisket noodle.

Mr E ordered some original noodle dish that I couldn't remember the name.

Can you see the difference between our two bowls of noodles? Mine was filled with oil. It was so heavy and rich, while Mr E's soup was so light and comforting. But check out our massive bowls. It was quite intimidating when it was put before me. I wouldn't be able to finish it and I was right. Being silly, we also ordered their fried dumplings and it came this much.

This is an example of crazy eating. We saw a lady actually making the dumpling behind the window too so we're excited about this handmade dumpling but sadly, it didn't meet our expectation. The skin was too thick and the filling was average.

The place was packed when we were there so it must have been popular with the locals. Service was not bad for an Asian restaurant. Although they need to update their drink menu, I was going to order milk tea when they told me they don't have that and when I asked what they have, they said only soft drinks. *headdesk*

My advice is to share the noodle bowls and as food came pretty quick, you can order another one if it doesn't satisfy you. Price was at the lower end so it's pretty good decent meal.

Noodle Kingdom
175 Russell St

Riini, over and out!

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