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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China Beauty

This is the second time we visited China Beauty and we didn't like it. I didn't bother posting our first visit because the food was underwhelming, even though we're surrounded with nice decor.

First visit we ordered Seafood Tofu and Pork Belly with preserved vegetables. The service was slow even though there was only 2 tables at the time, including ours. The Pork Belly came cold in the middle, which was a very big error in my eyes. We asked the waitress and they sent it back to the kitchen. They said they'd make it again but we can hear the microwave beeping. :p Seafood Tofu was wonderful but it could be because I'm biased with tofu. They were very apologetic about the Pork and didn't charge us.

After the first visit, when we told Mr E's parents about it. They said they didn't like the place.

But I thought we'd give it another go and last night, we headed back. We got the Homestyle Tofu and the Confusius style Pork.

The pork came as big chunk and the waitress cut it up in front of us. As we dug in, I noticed it's lukewarm. I have a problem with this. I want my food to be hot, just off the stove. The pork itself was tender but the sauce was a bit bland. Disappointed.

Tofu came and my eyes lighted up. Love love love the combo. Tofu, hhmm... Bamboo shoot, hhhmm... Mushroom, hhmm... I heaped my bowl and scooped it in my mouth. Then it hit me. What did I taste? No silky feel of tofu, yummy sauce or crunchy bamboo shoot. Just garlic. The amount of almost raw sliced garlic in this dish was so excessive, with every mouthful I can only taste the strong garlic. I can kill Edward after eating this dish. Also, the random dried chilli. *sighs* They ruined what could be a good ole simple dish. Not happy.

So with this 2 visits, I don't think I'm going back to China Beauty.

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