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Friday, March 2, 2012

Drooling at Belmondos

One of the awesomest places we stopped by in Noose is Belmondos. This very hip fresh food market was just too cool for school. You can fill your own bottle of olive oil from the drum above. They also had that gadget with cold water dripping on grounded coffee cause of the gravity before dripping down to the pot. I was fascinated even though I wasn't a coffee drinker. The barista noticed my awe and we chatted a bit. He then gave me this sample for me to taste. So nice. :)

I can't comment cause it tasted like... coffee to me but different because it's cold with added ice in it. It's bitter and I was jumping around the place after 2 sips. Yes, coffee does that to me.

Looked at this beautiful display of the deli. So many cheeses to pick from. They have selection of pate too.

Gadgets and homewares on the other side. I really had to control my urge to buy one of every thing. On the other end is the coffee place. They got interesting coffees on the menu too with different coffee making apparatus. Not just your usual latte etc.

We had mini lunch there. It was good and their cakes are not bad either. They also made their fruit juices fresh.

Belmondos is hidden in an industrial area. I'm not sure whether a lot of people know about it but I totally recommended this place for a visit. It's very cool and stylish.

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