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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alstonville: Summerland House Farm

During one of our Tourist Centres hopping, we found a brochure for Summerland House Farm and it sounded wonderful! A farm with mini golf, garden centre, groceries and a cafe. Very enticing. I also read that this farm provides training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

So we visited during our way back to Brisbane. Unfortunately, it was raining so heavily and was so cold, we scurried inside the cafe without really looking around. I looked at the menu and placed our order at the counter.

I got the fettucine with pumpkin and sun dried tomato etc and a yummy slices of cheese on top. Gaaaawddd.. it was delicious! The sauce is not too heavy like most cream based sauce and the combo was so good!

If I remembered correctly, Mr E got the Schnitzel and check it out! Again, it was well cooked and very very filling!

There was a bit of confusion when I ordered Chai tea and got Chai Latte in a pot instead. HOWEVER, this little cafe in the middle of nowhere served loose tea! When I was going to order the Chai, I asked what brand tea bag it was. The cashier lady was apologetic to me and said she didn't know while grabbing the tea container for me to have a look. It was a plastic container with tea leaves and spices and a 'Chai' sticker on it. I was like "Holy Baby Batman". YES! I ordered with milk separate. When it came, the hot milk was already in the pot with the tea. But no worries, it was still good Chai. I was impressed!

Summerland House Farm

While we were there, there's big groups having lunch and they all seemed to be having a good time. All the staffs are friendly. It was a great place.

We had a quick look at the groceries with their selection of cheeses (drools) and the garden centre. I hope I'll be back soon when the weather is good. :)

Riini, over and out!

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