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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coffs: Delicious Soul

This restaurant is so inconspicuous that it's not even on Urbanspoon for me to link this review. Tried to find a website, none. They have facebook though.

We decided on Soul after walking up and down the street and not finding anything exciting. Surprisingly there's a lot of Indian restaurants at Coffs Harbour. After we had a sneak peek of the menu, went down the road some more, we double backed and went in to Soul.

The decor is white clean with a cafe feel so I was starting to think I might pick a wrong place to eat. We picked this big communal table at the back, away from the cold. We looked at the menu and nodded to our choices of meal. Mr E went to use the bathroom and another friendly waitress approached me for our orders. She asked if we wanted any drinks. Feeling a cold coming, I asked her if she has any freshly squeezed juice. She said yes and asked what juice I wanted. I said I wanted a mixed one that's healthy but delicious. She recommended apple, carrot, beet and ginger. Sounded good! :) I didn't have the photo of the drink but it WAS delicious and made me warm.

We started with a complimentary deep fried pickles. First time I ever tried pickles deep fried but it was good. Plus it was free.

If I remembered correctly, all their entrees are to be shared for 2. At the time of ordering, we didn't realise that. I thought I was just ordering 1 portion to share but when it came this much...

I was surprised and rechecked the menu. We ordered the Rib and it was oh.. so tender.. the sauce.. the sticky sauce.. sooo good. Probably one of the best rib I ever ate. Yum yum yum!!

For mains, I picked my Eggplant Parmagiana and again, I was impressed. So delicious. The curd was so creamy, soft and tasty. Great combo on the plate!

Mr E picked their Corned Beef and check out the amount of sauce. Mr E was a happy camper that night.

For dessert, my eyes lighted up on the mention of Earl Grey Creme Brulee.. Uh uh uh.. Gimme!!! And check out the presentation.

So pretty. The toffee on top of the brulee was a bit thick that when I tried to break it, I thought I'd break the dainty cup but I can't complain cause I love love loved it! They told me to eat all the component together but I was too busy scoffing it down. :D

Soul. What an awesome place! Service was great and so friendly. They have a partnership with the local farmer and their motto is 'From our farm to your fork'. I can tell everything was lovingly made.

Soul Espresso

Riini, over and out!

Soul Espresso on Urbanspoon

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