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Monday, August 13, 2012

Coffs: Mangrove Jacks

While we were at Coffs, I texted my Coffs buddy (working in Brisbane), where to eat good seafood. Gave me 2 options and we went to Mangrove Jacks. Mangrove Jacks is a two level restaurant and if you can, find a seat downstairs. This would be what the view is.

Pretty. So pretty. They apparently rent canoes too. We saw the brochure when we were paying.

Looking at the Lunch menu, there's only 2 seafood options and I don't like curry. Sooo.. awkward. Never mind. We'll pick something else.

Mr E picked the steak with red wine onion jus but holy moly, check out the onion. I'm sure there's 2 onions worth there.

I got the prawn fettuccine, which was the special of the day.

Both were nice.

I also ordered the combo beet juice. It was delicious too. :)

Mangrove Jacks
321 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour

Riini, over and out!

Mangrove Jacks on Urbanspoon

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