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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Awesome High Tea - Elements at Montville

Okay, peeps! Another high tea we went for bff's Baby Shower High Tea was Elements at Montville. We went on Sunday. Yes, I had 2 high tea in 2 days. I was all sugared out. Elements was a bit further down from downtown Montville, on the street to go to Kondalilla Falls.

Walking in, Elements looked like a little shop selling giftware knick knacks and everything was arranged beautifully. Get your credit card ready cause this place are filled with goodies. They are also T2 supplier. After we announced our arrival, the lady took us a bit to the back and showed us our seat. OH MY GOD! Would you look at the view?

This could be the most beautiful high tea setting I've ever been!!! And check out the table setting?

Fresh big roses, same colours as the roses on the cups. So beautiful. There's flowers and roses everywhere in the little dining area space. There's probably only around 8 tables. So it was intimate and just.. just lovely!

Another lady came to serve us, Sarah and took our tea order. There is no menu but she asked what tea we liked. Bff, of course, fruity/herbal tea and I said black or green tea straight. She picked Spring for Bff and Blue Mountain for me. Both are T2 teas. Blue Mountain is almost the same as Mt Tambourine's True Blue tea. I think it's the same blend. Bff absolutely loved her tea that she bought a pack later on.

On to the high tea.

We got the giant plate holder tier in the middle of the table, however, Sarah came with a plate one at the time. I thought it was a great idea. She brought in the scones.

We were quite excited because the scones are delicious, also instead of 2 plain socnes, we got 1 plain and 1 fig + ginger scones. The fig + ginger one is different but delicious! I love the copious amount of butter provided also. Jam and cream, so good!!!

When we're almost finished, she brought another place, which is the sandwiches plate.

Holy caboodle. Good size sandwiches too!! We finished the scones and on to the sandwiches. At this time, Sarah came, grabbed the empty scones plate and sandwiches plate, put the sandwiches plate at the bottom and took the empty plate away. This way we're closer to the plate. Great service.

Sandwiches. Hhmm.. The smoked salmon got fresh asparagus and it was absolutely spot on. Even Bff who doesn't eat smoked salmon finished hers. Then we got ham and mustard, curried egg and chicken sandwiches. YUM YUM YUM!!! Sarah now and again would popped in and asked if we want to refill our tea etc.

As per last time, when we have a couple of sandwiches left, Sarah came and put the dessert plate. Consists of apple & pear (I think) mini muffin, strawberry layered cake and chai truffle.

One of the layered cake kept leaning over and Sarah kept putting it back in place. I commented it might be Italian. Get it? Get it? :p

On serious note, peeps, my mouth went absolutely berserk over the strawberry layered cake. It was super delicious. Not too sweet but great flavour, the strawberry was so fresh that it added to the taste. So delicious. But that's not all.. not until I tasted the chai truffle. OMG! It was sssssssssssooooooooo awesome! Again, it was not too sweet but they must have used high quality chocolate cause it was rich and the chai flavour. *salivates*

I loved it so much, I asked Sarah if there's more of this truffle that I can buy and bring home. She said she'd check with the lady in the kitchen. I also asked if I could also get more slices of the strawberry layered cake. After checking, she came back and told me they only have a little bit of both (4 mini slices of the cake and around 6 - 8 of the truffles) left cause both made in house for the high teas only (more points in my book). I got 4 truffles and all the strawberry layered cake. Mr E approved both also when I got home and he's not a dessert man.

Verdict: I can't rave enough about the service and the food at this place. So friendly, so attentive. We're not rushed at all. The view was amazing. The table was big, the chair was comfortable. We shopped after our high tea. They have good range of tea and tea pots, cups, bowls *drools*. I need to go back to get the Obi Tea's Chai Green Tea. Elements also have a gorgeous resident cat that played with me. The cakes on display looked interesting also and we overheard a comment made on another table about how delicious their lunches were. Price-weise, it is much lower than most high tea asked for but so much higher quality food, tea and service!

I was hesitant to blog about this place so it could be my little Montville secret, but I also wanted people to come and experience the kind of service and food that are exceptional, not many of these places around.

Yes, Elements is now equal with Tea and Niceties in my book.

Elements at Montville
38 Kondalilla Falls Road Montville QLD 4560
(07) 5478 6212

Riini, over and out!

PS: I think you can guess where Bff's going to have her sister's Baby Shower. :p

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